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Slot machine games are increasingly popular online. Online slot machines are popular among gamblers. The 8 Ball is a traditional 3 reel format with only one payline. This game has just one symbol, which is the pool ball. Each ball has a different number. When the numbers of the balls increase, so does the amount that the player wins. The maximum prize is 2000 times your stake line. For a player to win they must get three identical numbers in the line of pay. The reels have no blank spaces, and so each time the ball hits 3, it wins. Eight Ball allows a maximum of two coins to be wagered and comes in a variety of denominations. One of the smallest denominations is 25 cents. It is possible to play at the maximum for only 50 cents.

This game has a maximum wager of 2000 coins for the top prize. Three 8 Balls hitting on the payline will win you this. With a single-coin bet, the slot88 payout is 1000 coins. The next payout is 200 coins after the jackpot. Following 140 coins the next prize is 160 coins. Playtech online casinos have this game. You can also earn up to $20,000 if you use the maximum coin size.

Alien Alert comes in two different formats. You can choose to view the slot machine from a distant view or a closer view. Alien alert, a 3-reel classic with a single payline is available. It has an outer-space theme. It features satellites, aliens & space ships. You can play this game with different denominations. Three coins is the maximum bet. The minimum bet in this game is a nickel, and the maximum wager is five dollars. It is interesting that the player can adjust the size of coins in the game without having to exit the program. This game has 8 combinations that can be won, with the lowest being 15 coins. When three aliens are on a payline, you can win up to 4000 coins. This game does not have a wild symbol. Alien Alert offers the highest payout of 600 coins for a max bet. Online casinos including Golden Palace Bet 365, Bet Fred and Bet Fred offer this game.

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